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Pre-IEEE-TALE-2024 Conference Workshop

Pre-IEEE-TALE-2024 Conference Workshop 150 150 ieeeeduweek

Programme Objectives: At the end of the Programme, participants should have:

  • Resolved Basic     versus    Applied     Research Dilemma/Conflict.
  • Systematically Explored the Breadth and Depth of the Research
  • Designed a Smart Research Portfolio
  • Learned to Leverage on Simulation, Modelling, Technology, and Experience.
  • Infused Artistic features in the nurturing research portfolio.

Who can benefit from the programme?

  • Post-graduate (Master’s and Ph.D.) students, Recent Graduates, Researchers, Faculty Members, and those interested in designing and nurturing a smart research portfolio for transforming their career profile.

Duration: One Day on 30th December 2023

Outline of the Programme

  • Basic versus Applied Research Dilemma
  • Design a Decision Matrix to select the Core Research Domain and topic of interest.
  • Design a Smart research
  • Draft an outline of a typical research article, report, funding proposal, and/or R & D road map.
  • Strategies for nurturing a smart research portfolio