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HOW TO STUDY AT THE UNIVERSITY – Part Two 150 150 ieeeeduweek

How to Study at the University – Part Two is the second part of the previous same title Part One (organized on Tuesday 11 June 2024).

The topics are primarily dedicated to new students and pre-university students and

presented in English (with bahasa Indonesia translation). As in Part One various student competencies have been discussed, Part Two will focus on a number of important student learning principles.

In Part Two, different types of information and facts related to study at the university will be presented.  The following topics will be briefly presented:

(1). The Split Brain Model developed by Roger Sperry (a Nobel price winner, 1913 – 1994), will first be presented.

(2). A number of important basic important personal requirements 

(3). The importance of discipline, concentration and regularity

(4). Basic tools/equipment, facilities to achieve excellent study results

(5). Four steps of study process according to Galperin (orientation, actively excercise, follow up action)

(6). Improving your study efficiency

(7). Suggestions to maximize your lecture (lecture preparation, “to follow actively a lecture”, to study and complete your lecture notes)

(8). Learning/Reading written (or audio visual) information ; different types of “reading”

(9). Various types of student assignments (Reading, Writing, Papers, Design,     Discussions, Practical works, etc.). 

(10). Different types of Examinations


Pre- university and/or undergraduate students interested to attend the events are requested to register as soon as possible for obtaining the Zoom Link for this event. Registration is FREE.

How to Study at the University –  Part Two has been scheduled to be organized on Friday 18 June 2024 @ 09:00 am.