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One-Day Technical Field Trip to SAMEER, Kolkata

One-Day Technical Field Trip to SAMEER, Kolkata 150 150 ieeeeduweek
IEEE AP-MTTs SBC IIT Kharagpur is organizing a one-day field trip to SAMEER Kolkata on 29th June. The trip would be done with an AC Bus/Traveller, comprising the journey from IIT-KGP to the SAMEER campus at Kolkata, and back. Participating members would also be adorned by IEEE AP-MTTs SBC IIT-KGP T-shirts.
SAMEER Kolkata, the Society for Applied Microwave and Electronics Engineering Research, is a premier institute dedicated to advancing research in the RF-Microwave domain. It plays a crucial role in developing innovative technologies and solutions for wireless communication systems, radar, and satellite communication. By fostering collaboration between academia and industry, SMAEER Kolkata contributes significantly to the growth and modernization of RF and microwave engineering in India.