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Expert Lecture on Quantum Technology

Expert Lecture on Quantum Technology 1150 750 ieeeeduweek

School of Material Science and Technology, IIT (BHU) took an initiative to promote National Mission on Quantum Technologies & Applications (NM-QTA). Quantum technology is opening up new frontiers in computing, communications, cyber security with wide-spread applications. Quantum Technology is based on the principles of Quantum mechanics developed in the early 20th century to describe nature at the scale of atoms and elementary particles. Using quantum superposition, a set of unbreakable codes or super-speedy information processing, quantum computers are able to mimic several classical computers working in parallel. Quantum technology is manifested through applications in secure communication, disaster management through better prediction, computing, simulation, chemistry, healthcare, cryptography, imaging among others. Scientists have expanded quantum theory to understand biological phenomena such as smell, consciousness, enzyme catalysis, photosynthesis, avian navigation like that of the Robin, origin of life and effects on coronavirus.  It is expected that lots of commercial applications would emerge from theoretical constructs which are developing in this area.

This expert lecture will give a brief introduction to quantum technologies and focus on the field of quantum sensing. In this context our expert will describe developed sensor, the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond, and present current research directions that are being pursued in current research trend.