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Synchronized Waveform Measurement and Applications in Power Systems

Synchronized Waveform Measurement and Applications in Power Systems 150 150 ieeeeduweek

Synchronized power system measurements, particularly synchronized phasor measurements, have received a lot of attention in the recent years for wide area situational awareness and various other functions.  Phasors, however, effectively filter out a lot of information that may be useful for other applications, particularly in the presence of power system disturbances and heavy deployment of inverter-based resources (IBR).  Waveforms, depending on sampling rate/resolution, provide a more granular and authentic representation of voltage and current in power systems. With the recent advancements in grid sensor technologies, it is now possible to obtain time-synchronized waveform measurements from various points on a power system in order to obtain “synchro-waveforms.” Synchro-waveforms open the door for a more advanced power system monitoring, situational awareness, and system performance assessment. Synchro-waveforms have innovative applications in both apparatus and power system management.  Areas of particular interest are asset monitoring, incipient fault detection/location, protection, as well as control. Faster synchro-waveforms also can play a critical role in monitoring inverter-based resources (IBR), their dynamics and their responses to system disturbances.

In this presentation, Dr. Rahmatian will provide an overview of advanced voltage and current sensors providing synchro-waveforms and their potential application, with focus on grid resiliency.  The presentation will be focused on one or two applications, i.e., accurate fault location and high-frequency harmonics detection near IBRs.