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Tour of Bristol Riverside Theater

Tour of Bristol Riverside Theater 150 150 ieeeeduweek

A very old form of professional communication is live theater. Somehow, a script goes from paper to a live story. There have been changes over centuries. We no longer sit outside watching actors from stone hard seats, nor do we stand looking up at the stage like in Shakespeare’s day. We are in a building, in comfortable chairs watching and hearing a story with the aid of lighting and sound technology.

The IEEE Philadelphia Section has a chapter of the Professional Communication Society. We have a tour meeting coming May 19 at 4 pm at the Bristol Riverside Theater. Our host will be the Co-producing Director, Ken Kaisser. We will get a tour of the backstage and the audio-visual equipment that bring the story to life. Of course, a good story, actors, costumes, and set design are part too.

After the tour, you can have dinner at nearby restaurants and enjoy the performance of “Chicken and Biscuits” if you buy tickets. The box office phone is 215-785-6664. The show is at 8 pm, and it is a “Friday Festival.”

There is free parking in the municipal lot, two blocks away and metered parking on the streets.