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Open Mic Orientation

Open Mic Orientation 150 150 ieeeeduweek

   Open mic orientation is an event where we gather engineers and students from different universities to help you choose one path among many exciting options, the one that pays for your hard work and dedication.

It targets Baccalaureate students and PRE-ENGINEERING students.

Multiple info sessions will be held to explain and facilitate their choice in the orientation. 

Thus, our initiative will be divided into two aspects:


First, for the pre-engineering preparatory students, we will present speakers from engineering schools to explain their systems, education, and potential.


As for bac students, we will have speakers from different schools and sections to explain:

First, the orientation book and scoring and ranking system.

Second, the difference between FACULTY SCHOOL AND INSTITUTE systems so that students can choose what works best for them.

Finally, the speakers will discuss his education and its potential work in real life.