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Machine Learning Workshop Series – Part 1

Machine Learning Workshop Series – Part 1 150 150 ieeeeduweek

Proud to announce our collaboration with Elie Dina, a data scientist and NLP Engineer, in a series of sessions about Machine Learning 🤖.

Data science, a revolutionary field joining knowledge in Math 🧮, CS 💻 and Business 💰, is making great steps towards the future nowadays.

To introduce you to this field, a hands-on 🤝 webinar will be made just for you!

Going from the data science lifecycle onto different Machine Learning models💻that can help you achieve basic and complex tasks ✅.

This webinar will be divided into 4 sessions.

The first session, we will be dealing with: 
–> Data Types
–> Data Acquisition
–> Databases / Data Warehouses / Data Lakes
–> Data Science Processing Lifecycle:

. Pre-processing / Cleaning 🧹
. Exploratory Data Analysis 🧠
. Visualization 📊