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Northern Colorado’s Water: Planning and Pricing for the Future

Northern Colorado’s Water: Planning and Pricing for the Future 150 150 ieeeeduweek

Since the 1800’s, Northern Colorado has played an integral role harnessing and managing a priceless, but undervalued, resource: Water. From the mid 1800’s through recent epoch-defying droughts, our surface water sources have consistently been overallocated. We’ll be exploring the ever-changing uses of water, how these changes are managed under the ‘Water Rights’ system, and what we can expect for a future of ongoing population increases in Northern Colorado. Lastly, we’ll discuss how water is priced, and what we can expect for future water sources and drought planning.

About our speaker:

Chris Matkins’ has broad experience in water and wastewater planning, engineering, and utility management. Recently serving as General Manager of the Fort Collins – Loveland Water District and the South Fort Collins Sanitation District, he has led these enterprises through progressive changes in preparation for the future. Prior to the Districts, Chris also served as Water Utilities Manager for the City of Loveland, another position responsible for the management of raw water; water treatment production and distribution; waste water collection, treatment, and discharge to the environment. His areas of expertise include Organizational Leadership; Financial Cost of Service; Operational and Engineering Management; Water Supply Planning and Development, and Hydraulic and Infrastructure Engineering.
Chris has worked in the water industry for over 25 years, primarily in Northern Colorado. He has recently started Ally Utility Consulting, a company dedicated to supporting utility enterprises. Chris is a registered professional engineer, and received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Chris prioritizes time with his family; enjoying bicycling, backpacking, kayaking, skiing, and all of Colorado’s natural beauty.