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60s MEMS: MEMS Sensors and Actuators for Smart Agriculture

60s MEMS: MEMS Sensors and Actuators for Smart Agriculture 150 150 ieeeeduweek

60s MEMS: MEMS Sensors and Actuators for Smart Agriculture is a one-week Project-Based Challenge organized by IEEE Malaysia Section, supported by IEEE Circuits and Systems and Faculty of Electronic Engineering Technology Universiti Malaysia Perlis, in conjunction with IEEE Education Week 2024 from 14th April until 20th April 2024. At the end of this program, the participants are required to submit a Team Technical Paper and Project Presentation Video in which each part of the video consists of one-minute (60s) presentation by each team members. 

The anticipated number of participants is 64 Final Year Undergraduate Students or Fresh Graduates which will form 16 Teams. The program delivery, demonstration, practical works and project assessments will be conducted and evaluated by 6 lecturers and researchers who are IEEE members. This program covers the fundamentals of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Microfabrication Techniques, MEMS Materials, MEMS Device Principle of Operation, Design, Simulation and Fabrication. Different types of MEMS Sensors and Actuators will be introduced in this course i.e. MEMS Electrostatic Sensor, MEMS Electrostatic Actuator, MEMS Thermal Sensor, MEMS Thermal Actuator, MEMS Piezoresistive Sensor, MEMS Piezoelectric Sensor and MEMS Piezoelectric Actuator.

The Team Project Challenge provides participants experience in MEMS Device Design and Analysis using Finite Element Method/Analysis (FEM/FEA) simulation tool and fabrication simulation using Computer Aided Design (CAD) tool. At the end of this Project-Based Challenge, the students are expected to be able to explain MEMS Fabrication Process, Design Simulate and Analyze MEMS devices.