IEEE Educational Events


CollideX 150 150 ieeeeduweek

CollideX is an unified event that comprises 3 interesting sub-events to ignite the competitive and talented minds of the student.

  • Nexquix : In this event students are expected to create a simple UI/UX design page where the unique design styles are appreciated withing the pace of time given.
  • VentureVortex : In this event the students are expected to convince their ideas/solution for a problem statement that concentrates on all factors of the benifit’s of the idea , feasibility , tangible outcomes and how far their idea/solution would be effective to the targeted society. The marketing knowledge of the students are expected to be tested.
  • MemeXplore : It is an interesting event that integrates the meme world and as well focusing on IEEE platforms. The students are expected to level up the IEEE platforms through memes in a humour way.