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How to Study at the University – Part One

How to Study at the University – Part One 150 150 ieeeeduweek

The topics are primarily dedicated to new students and pre-university students and

presented in English (with bahasa Indonesia translation). Part One will discuss various student competencies. Part Two will cover a number of important student learning principles.

In Part One, five different sets of students’ competencies from different groups will be presented. Some of them will have similarities. In general, those are important competencies necessary for university graduates. Unfortunately, most of the competencies are not specifically presented in formal courses and usually regarded in long life education.

Interested pre- university and/or undergraduate students are requested to register as soon as possible for obtaining the Zoom Link for this event.

How to Study at the University –  Part Two has been scheduled to be organized on Friday 18 June 2024 @ 09:00 am.


FIGHT FOR MY WAY 150 150 ieeeeduweek

Greetings all Join us as Information theory Society,IEEE AIT Student branch are holding a Cryptic 2.0 filler fun event- FIGHT FOR MY WAY. Come seize this opportunity and have lots of fun during this Cryptic Hackathon

Back from the Future: Defining and Reaching the Vision of Tomorrow’s Grid (Lunch n Learn) Virtual

Back from the Future: Defining and Reaching the Vision of Tomorrow’s Grid (Lunch n Learn) Virtual 150 150 ieeeeduweek

In the past decade, multiple stakeholder organizations have published documents forecasting and making recommendations about the electric industrys future. The GridWise® Architecture Council (GWAC), a group convened by the U.S. Dept. of Energy, chartered a project to assess the electric industry vision and future state assessment documents and determine how aligned these views of the future are. The project objectives
were to identify:
1.)  Stakeholders; vision and future states for the electric industry and grid

2.) Their similarities, differences, divergences, and stakeholder impacts, and

3.) Architectural challenge-gap categories for potential multi-stakeholder organization coordination and collaboration opportunities.

The GWAC identified six major architectural challenges or gap areas during assessing and characterizing ten vision and future state reports from nine organizations:

1.) Developing new industry structures

2.) Transitioning from centralized to distributed

3.) Transitioning from silos to platforms

4.)  Developing effective data communications enabling control and coordination in distributed structures

5.) Standardizing Interfaces and structures

6.) Accommodating large quantities of DER with new structures

These must be addressed to achieve the vision of the future grid described in the ten reports, so how do we get there? In addition to traditional forward analysis, the importance of using a structured "future back" approach will be discussed.

Finally, Grid Architecture will be defined and its importance as a tool in this process will be discussed, along with a description of the GWAC’s Interoperability Framework and its continued relevance.

Inauguration of IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Women in Engineering Student Branch Chapter

Inauguration of IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Women in Engineering Student Branch Chapter 1000 1414 ieeeeduweek

Professional body commitee of Vemana Institute of Technology is inaugurating two student branch chapters namely IEEE Computer Society student Branch Chapter and IEEE Women in Engineering Student Branch on May 31st,2023 at 10.30 A.M by the Chief guests Dr.D.N.Sujatha,Vice-Chair,ComSoc,Execom Member,Computer Society,IEEE Bangalore Section ,Dr.Vijayalakshmi M,Chair Elect,IEEE WIE Bangalore Section, Dr.Ashwini Appaji M,IEEE WIE,Vice-Chair,Bangalore Section. The event will be followed by technical talk by the chief guets.

Florida Laws & Rules for Professional Engineers

Florida Laws & Rules for Professional Engineers 150 150 ieeeeduweek

The Rules and Laws That Govern the Practice of Engineering in Florida. This course is at a basic to intermediate level.

  1. Florida Statute 471 – Engineering
  2. FBPE and FEMC
  3. Florida Administrative Code
  4. Updates from NCEES and FBPE

Life after college

Life after college 1131 1600 ieeeeduweek

IEEE BAU- Tripoli is celebrating IEEE Education Week with our distinguished speaker Dr. Miriam Lucero We will be discussing the topic “Life After College” where we will get an insight of what actually is out-there in the real-world once we graduate and where we will get the chance to learn valuable tips from our speaker’s huge professional experience.

IEEE entregó el Galardón Atecnia 2022 a la Ingeniera Betty Cardiel

IEEE entregó el Galardón Atecnia 2022 a la Ingeniera Betty Cardiel 150 150 ieeeeduweek
Ing. Betty Cardiel recibió el Galardón Atecnia 2022 que IEEE entrega anualmente a Mujeres Ingenieras exitosas quienes además colaboran con las nuevas generaciones.
La Presidenta de IEEE Sección Aguascalientes, Ing. Mylenna López Castro acompañada del Director del Instituto de Educación de Aguascalientes, Mtro. Ulises Reyes Esparza entregaron este reconocimiento en el Museo del Telégrafo dentro del Complejo 3 Centurias en Aguascalientes.
Les acompañaron el Vice-Presidente, Ing. Raúl Gutiérrez Perucho; Tesorera, Dra. Ma. Antonieta Zuloaga Garmendía; Secretario, Ing. David Zapata Leal; Vice-presidenta de WIE Mujeres en Ingeniería, Ing. Yuriko Fernández; Coordinadora de Niñas WIE, Mtra. Carmen Mora Cajero; de la Rama Estudiantil IEEE-ITA, Presidenta Alondra Esparza Gámez; Presidenta de WIE, Citlali Rodriguez Martínez; Vice-Presidente, Luis Ignacio Medina Gómez así como Gilberto Valle Barrios.
De igual forma estuvieron presentes las niñas WIE, Melanie Odette Cabrera Jiménez, Taiyari Trejo García y Maria Julia Pérez González.
Agradecemos al Instituto de Cultura de Aguascalientes las facilidades para llevar a cabo este evento en reconocimiento a Mujeres en Ingeniería de Aguascalientes.


PANEL: MUJER INGENIERA 940 788 ieeeeduweek
Día Internacional de la Mujer en la Ingeniería.  Asiste y conoce las experiencias de estas increíbles mujeres que decidieron dedicar su vida a la ingeniería
La cita es este jueves 23 de junio a las 7:00 p.m. (hora CDMX)
Regístrate en: HTTPS://BIT.LY/Panel23J

IEEE womens day

IEEE womens day 150 150 ieeeeduweek