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Circuit Studies: Living Analog, Part 11

Circuit Studies: Living Analog, Part 11 150 150 ieeeeduweek

A smorgasbord of analog treats awaits you as our resident Analog Guru, John Dunn, touches upon a variety of topics taken from his popular Living Analog blog published by the EDN Network on
Topics for this lecture include these and more:

  • Control of a power inverter’s operating frequency.
  • A look at telephone dial tone signals, 1954 and today.
  • Birds’ avoidance of high-tension power lines.
  • Gaussian probability distribution derivation.
  • Bimetallic strip constructions and applications.
  • Feed-forward cancellation of amplifier distortion.
  • Push-pull amplifier class of operation choices.
  • Worst case analysis of rail voltage decoupling.
  • Microwave oven choke flange.
  • Calculating octaves and decades of arbitrary ratios.
  • Zero offset lowpass filter and op-amp selection.
  • Low distortion but high power speaker system.
  • The difference between EMF and voltage.
  • The Leyden jar.
  • Smith Chart mathematics.
  • Transfer function trigonometric booby trap.
  • Storage life of idled LED light bulbs.
  • A look at the Hindenberg disaster.