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Engineering Ethics for Professional Engineers

Engineering Ethics for Professional Engineers 150 150 ieeeeduweek

The course explains why ethics is important, gives an overview of professional codes of ethics, describes the rules of professional conduct in the Indiana Statutes and Rules, provides guidelines for making value-laden decisions, includes several case studies, and shows the value of professional and technical societies in maintaining ethical health fitness. This course fulfills the rule requiring one hour on ethics applicable to the practice of professional engineering. Included with this course are a summary sheet with links to references, a quiz, and a course evaluation form. Upon completion of each course and passing of the quiz, a certificate acknowledging completion of the course will be sent to you.

[IEEE-KC PES/IAS] Joint MPSE Brand Equity & Ethics

[IEEE-KC PES/IAS] Joint MPSE Brand Equity & Ethics 150 150 ieeeeduweek

Founder of Studio Wyld, brand producer Alex Ames works with individuals and companies to increase brand equity through proven marketing and communication principles.

Alex has built his branding agency on the philosophy that customers and employees are seeking out brands to associate themselves with as they form their own identities. If you can communicate with and to your audience in a way that speaks to their brand, the result is loyalty to your brand. Alex will be discussing the relationship between the brand and ethics.