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The Past, Present, and Future Electric Power Distribution Systems

The Past, Present, and Future Electric Power Distribution Systems 150 150 ieeeeduweek
Electric power distributions systems have evolved from passive systems with one-directional power flow to active systems with multi-directional power flow due to integration of distributed energy resources. The customers of the future are expected to adopt larger deployment of rooftop solar PV generation and higher levels of electric vehicle ownership. Additionally, more storage devices could be installed in distribution systems. The complex nature of the future distribution systems will require leveraging progress in communications, computing, sensors, power electronics, cybertechnologies, and data analytics to operate them as cyber-physical systems for higher reliability, resiliency, efficiency, and flexibility. Continued innovation and integration of these technologies will have unprecedented effects on the system. Further, the customers will be more engaged. There could be real-time prices and market at the distribution level. Implementation of artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning techniques, and advanced power electronics will enhance real-time control and operation of system both in normal and emergency states to improve efficiency and resiliency. This presentation will provide a brief history of power distribution systems followed by some projections for the future power distribution systems supported by examples of recent research to advance the transformation.