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PELS Distinguished Lecturer event on Plug and Play Microgrid System

PELS Distinguished Lecturer event on Plug and Play Microgrid System 150 150 ieeeeduweek

The electric power system is going through an unprecedented transformation and related challenges in the implementation of smart grids. The smart grid is based on the flexible electrical power system that coordinates different energy resources and loads with the aim of delivering sustainable, economical and reliable electrical supply to the loads in an efficient manner. In this presentation, a plug and play type autonomous-microgrid system formation is proposed. Multiple distributed generating sources and loads interaction is considered pertaining to the stability of the micro-grid. The proposed method enables communication-less operation of each of the elements of the micro-grid system. It is also considered that the sources are of different power capacity as can be seen in a typical autonomous micro-grid system. Spatial Repetitive Controller (SRC) is proposed to control each of the distributed generating sources in a decentralized manner to stabilize the overall micro-grid system. The proposed system considers sudden change in load as well as other distributed generators conditions like a true plug and play operation. A novel signature frequency voltage injection method is proposed to identify the presence of special distributed generator and operation of backup distributed generators. The implemented control architecture also ensures stability of the micro-grid fundamental frequency even in the case of dynamic conditions unlike the traditional droop-control method. A detailed experimental study is carried out and the experimental results presented show the efficacy of the proposed system.