IEEE Author Center

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Targeted guidance for authors is available from the IEEE Author Center, which offers tools and resources to support authors every step of the way, from the first step of creating the article all the way through to the production process. The website is organized based on the stages of the article lifecycle so key information is always easy to find. The IEEE Author Center also offers easy access to IEEE Author Tools and video tutorials.

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Solving community challenges through the power of technology and education, EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) gives students a platform to work with engineering professionals to develop solutions that transform communities across the globe. We are committed to fulfilling the IEEE core purpose of fostering technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

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IEEE Educational Activities Board Awards

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Recognize and honor major contributions to engineering and technical education. Nominate someone for the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) Awards by 2 May 2022. See requirements today.

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IEEE Teaching Excellence Hub

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The IEEE Teaching Excellence Hub is a website from the IEEE Education Society and the IEEE Educational Activities Board that provides articles and links to events and resources for those teaching engineering, computing, and technology at the university level. The content on this website is written and curated by academic experts from around the world.

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IEEE ComSoc Education Week Page

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IEEE Communications Society’s web page that highlights its education programs, events and special offers in celebration of IEEE Education Week.

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Partner Logo: IEEE Future Directions

Education from IEEE Future Directions

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As technology continues to evolve and change the way we live, it is vital to stay informed. IEEE Future Directions offers continuing education opportunities, from introductory webinars to advanced course programs, in a wide range of topics. Featuring insight from experts in industry, academia, and government, IEEE Future Directions provides the best resources to expand your technical knowledge base.

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TryEngineering INSPIRES the engineers and technical professionals of tomorrow! The IEEE TryEngineering website aims to empower educators to foster the next generation of engineers and technology innovators. The site provides educators, students, and volunteers with pre-university resources to help engage and inspire future STEM professionals. Resources include engineering lesson plans, on-line games, STEM articles, IEEE STEM events, engineering disciplines and much more. Join our community!

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IEEE REACH provides pre-university teachers and their students with free, exemplary educational resources that explore the relationship between technology and engineering history and the complex relationships they have with society, politics, economics, and culture.

IEEE-Affiliated Group Name: IEEE History Center


IEEE Houston Section Continuing Education on Demand (CED)

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The purpose of IEEE Houston Section Continuing Education on Demand is to provide modern practical industrial power application topics that supplement the daily work activities of the practicing graduate electrical engineer. The seminars are intended to stimulate further study and discussion for learning continuance throughout the working career. Instructors are application engineers, manufacturing specialists, and expert consultants who provide a blend of diverse engineering perspectives.

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