Accreditation Series: How an IEEE Program Evaluator prepares for a University Visit

Accreditation Series: How an IEEE Program Evaluator prepares for a University Visit 1200 628 ieeeeduweek

This segment features IEEE Program Evaluators (PEVs) preparation process for a University visit. Ece Yaprak, Division Chair and Professor, Engineering Technology and April Cheung, Assistant Professor of Practice, will share with you their expertise and experiences in navigating through the exciting world of accreditation visits. Learn how the school you most likely attended (or will attend) obtained and retains their ABET “ACCREDITATION”! 

IEEE-Affiliated Group Name: Staff

URL: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/3291740/035442DE99820595AB2F46A56980B1ED

Introduction to Sustainable Development

Introduction to Sustainable Development 4404 1080 ieeeeduweek

The term ‘sustainability’ has become a buzzword in recent years. Even as the average standard of living rises around the world, there are mounting challenges that threaten security and stability. These challenges, and the paths to addressing them, are outlined in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this course, you will learn about the SDGs, the need for sustainability, and how to apply your engineering and technology expertise toward finding solutions.

IEEE-Affiliated Group Name: IEEE HAC/SIGHT

URL: https://iln.ieee.org/Public/ContentDetails.aspx?id=3621945A820D44B8B58EB5B826612D6C

IEEE-USA Career and Professional Development Webinars

IEEE-USA Career and Professional Development Webinars 250 250 ieeeeduweek

IEEE-USA’s Free Webinars are designed to help you find your next job, maintain your career, negotiate an appropriate salary, understand ethical considerations in the workplace and learn about other career-building strategies and public policy developments that affect your profession. U.S. IEEE members who have participated in an IEEE-USA Webinar are eligible to apply for professional development hours (PDHs) from IEEE’s Educational Activities Department.

IEEE-Affiliated Group Name: IEEE-USA

URL: https://ieeeusa.org/calendar/career-webinars/