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TryEngineering & Keysight: Inspiring the Engineers of Tomorrow

Together TryEngineering and Keysight are Inspiring the Engineers of Tomorrow! Keysight’s commitment to workforce development through pre-university STEM outreach is strong. TryEngineering and Keysight have partnered to build awareness of engineering through the promotion of targeted lesson plans and the development of needed lessons around electronics and the use of simulations. To celebrate ...

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Debunking Myths About Women’s Workplace Experiences and Career Advancement Based on the Latest McKinsey Reports

During this session, we will discuss the major myths about women’s workplace experiences and career advancement. A few of these myths cover old ground, but given the notable lack of progress, they warrant repeating. These include women’s career ambitions, the greatest barrier to their ascent to senior leadership, the effect and extent of microaggressions in the workplace, and women’s ...

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