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Free SPS Webinar: “LiDAR for Autonomous Driving: The Principles, Challenges and Trends”

Autonomous vehicles rely on their perception systems to acquire information about their immediate surroundings. It is necessary to detect the presence of other vehicles, pedestrians, and other relevant entities. Safety concerns and the need for accurate estimations have led to the introduction of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems in complement to camera or radar-based perception systems...

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Free SPS Webinar: “Recent Advances in Integrated Sensing and Communications: Fundamental Limits, Signal Processing, and Prototyping

In this talk, we shall present our recent research progress in the area of integrated sensing and communications (ISAC), which is envisioned as a key enabling technology towards next-generation wireless networks. Throughout this talk, the Cramér-Rao bound (CRB) is employed as a performance metric for sensing. We commence by characterizing the fundamental tradeoff between CRB and communication ...

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Free SPS 75th Anniversary Webinar: “Twenty-Five Years of Advances in Beamforming: From Convex and Nonconvex Optimization to Learning Techniques”

Beamforming is a signal processing technique to steer, shape, and focus an electromagnetic wave using an array of sensors toward a desired direction. It has been used in several engineering applications such as radar, sonar, acoustics, astronomy, seismology, medical imaging, and communications. With the advent of multi-antenna technologies in, say, radar and communication, there has been a great ...

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Free SPS 75th Anniversary Webinar: “Twenty-Five Years of Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing”

In this talk, a review of the advances made in the past twenty-five years in sensor array and multichannel signal processing (SAM) is first presented. As it is not possible to give an exhaustive list for all of them, we will focus on five major topics and introduce the corresponding progresses made in tackling their respective technical challenges: beamforming (including robust adaptive ...

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Free SPS Webinar: “ISAC-assisted Delay Doppler Communications in Vehicular Networks”

Orthogonal time frequency space (OTFS) modulation, which relies on delay Doppler domain for communications, is a promising candidate for supporting reliable information transmission in high-mobility vehicular networks. In this talk, we will provide a general framework for integrated (radar) sensing and communication (ISAC) technique for assisting delay Doppler communications, including both uplink...

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