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Scientific Entrepreneurship: Taking Labs results to market. Understanding the process, Assessing Markets and Securing Funding

Unlock the potential of scientific entrepreneurship with Senior IEEE member Marc Perron as he bridges the gap between academia research and industry. In this succinct 30-minute presentation, Marc delves into the essentials of navigating the technology transfer and deep tech entrepreneurship landscape, comprising three key components: Process, Assessing Market Viability, and Securing Funding...

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Flow of Equality: Promoting Women Empowerment

The event is a groundbreaking initiative organized by the IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Club, aimed at normalizing conversations about menstruation and promoting taboo awareness. It marks the FIRST EVER event in engineering colleges in Pune dedicated to menstrual equality and taboos awareness. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in immersive activities, discussions, and innovative ...

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